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HP LaserJet Printer Prints A Black Square Block In Place Of A Wiring Diagram

General Use - Updated 04/24/02

On-Demand 4 Repair



Hewlett Packard LaserJet 1000 Printer prints a black square block in place of a wiring diagram.


User must download the current printer driver from HP's website and install it.   
Link to Hewlett-Packard website

Important:The version showing on HP Site is 5.05.0926.00.

However, when I print out a printer test page with the newer 5.05 driver the driver version
listed at the top of the page remains at version 4.00. If customers call insisting that they have updated to the new 5.05 driver, have them fax in the printer test page so we can check it against our test page.

Submitted BT-4/24/02

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