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OnDemand5 Truck Edition

Getting Information About OnDemand5 Medium Truck: OnDemand5 Medium Truck User Guide (.pdf) | Product Information | System Requirements | Order OnDemand5 Medium Truck

How do I install Medium Truck on a Network?
I have received my new updates. How do I register?

How do I install Medium Truck on a Network?

Before you Begin: You need to have a properly functioning network to run the Medium Truck software. Mitchell 1 cannot provide technical support on network issues external to the Medium Truck Software. Windows NT, 2000 and XP require administrative privileges to install this software. Refer to the documentation that came with your software for a detailed, illustrated installation procedure.

Designate a Computer on your Network which will serve as the Host Workstation: that is, the workstation on which the program indexes and data will reside. First you will set up and register on the Host workstation, then you will set up the other workstations on your system.

Host Setup/Registration

1. Insert the Medium Truck installation CD. The software should autorun. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. Once the software is done installing, it will reboot your PC.

2. Once your PC has rebooted, you must share "C:\M1HTR" folder with full access rights.

A Note on Sharing: You must specify both read and write privileges on the shared folder. If you do not, you will not be able to install and run OD5 Medium Truck on other workstations. Also, if a higher level folder specifies sharing, but not read and write, you will not be able to run OD5 Medium Truck on your other workstation. For example, even if you specify that \\Host\M1HTR\Shared is shared with read/write privileges, if a higher-level folder \\Host\C:\ is shared with read-only privileges, you will not have the correct share privileges in the \\Host\M1HTR\Shared folder and will not be able to install\run OD5 Medium Truck on other workstations.

3. Once the "C:\M1HTR" folder is shared with full access, copy the data files to a shared directory on the network as described below.

Copy the Data Files to Shared Directory

Multi-user installations require that you copy the data to your hard drive. You cannot access the data from the DVD. The next step in the multi-user installation is to copy your Data Files to a Shared Directory on the network. Although the shared directory can be anywhere on the network, Mitchell 1 recommends following the convention described in the following procedure.

Copying the data is done outside of the Medium Truck program, using Windows files and folders copying capability.

You need to copy a total of four files and the Upgrade folder from the Data DVD:

Upgrade (folder)

The files/folders must be copied to a shared location on the network. Mitchell recommends that you copy the files to the Shared folder created by the installation program, usually:


which is mapped to:

\\Host UNC\M1HTR\Shared

4. Once you have finished copying the data from the DVD to the shared location, open OD5 Medium Truck and choose Register Product from the Setup menu.

The Registration Wizard displays your registration options.

5. If you have a Multi-User Key Diskette, insert it in your floppy drive and choose the Register a Product using a key diskette option and click Next. Then click OK to proceed with registration process. If you don't have a key diskette, call Mitchell 1 Customer Support at (888) 724-6742 and choose the Register or Upgrade a Product interactively. The support representative will help you through the registration process.

6. After you have registered, the Multi-User Data Paths dialog box displays.

7. Choose the first Browse button to set the Shared Host Path.

Mitchell 1 recommends that you use the default path suggested by the program:


When you click Save, the path will be converted to the Network name.

\\Host UNC\M1HTR\Shared

You may be asked to restart your OD5 Medium Truck application. Remove the key diskette and restart the program.

Once you have restarted the program, set the Shared Data Path as described below.

Mapping your Indexes and Data on the Host PC

1. Open the OD5 Medium Truck application and choose Multi-User Data Paths from the Setup menu.

2. Click the Shared Data Path Browse button.

3. Browse to the location to which you copied the data (C:\M1HTR\Shared). Click on the Index.mdb file and then Open.

4. You are returned to the Multi-User Data Paths dialog box with the Shared Data Path directory displayed in the Shared Data Path field. Click OK to complete Multi-User registration on the Host PC. Now you should be able to access OD5 Medium Truck data on your Host workstation from the shared network location.


I have received my new updates. How do I register?

On a regular basis, you receive new Data Disc(s) from Mitchell. This ensures that you will have the most up-to-date information. The Update Data selection from the Home Screen allows you to easily update your OnDemand5 Medium Truck subscription with the most current information.

Note: You can also update your data simply by inserting the new Data Disc(s), choosing Repair and selecting a Year, Make, and Model.

To update your quarterly data:

  1. Insert the Data Disc in the appropriate drive in your computer and open OnDemand5.

  2. Choose Update Data (or choose Repair and perform a vehicle lookup - see Note above). OnDemand checks all local CD/DVD drives for new data. If new data is not located, you will be redirected to the Update/Register Data dialog box.

  3. Click Yes to begin the data update.






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