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Blank Screen Or Image Library Errors When Pulling Up Diagrams

General Use - Updated 10/26/98 

On-Demand 4 Repair



Users with On-Demand version 4 & DVD on a Win95 PC are getting a blank screen or the message "image library errors when pulling up diagrams."


Older version of CDFS.VXD from an early version of Windows 95 Check the date of the file CDFS.VXD in the \windows\system\iosubsys directory.   If file dated is 7/11/95, overwrite it with the updated file (dated 8/24/96) found on the On-Demand 4 installation CD in the \drivers\mcrsft directory.   Reboot the system.

Note: The CDFS.VXD is not capable of reading the second layer on the DVD where the diagrams are located.

Submitted by RF-10/26/98

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