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For nearly 100 years, Mitchell 1 has been the first choice of automotive professionals. We build our software better and we support it better.

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Improved Search Tops Version 1.1 Release

OnDemand5.com version 1.1 is up and running. Without any interruption in service to existing subscribers, we've updated the OnDemand5.com site to include a number of significant enhancements. These improvements are certain to enhance your OnDemand5.com experience.

learn more about the Advanced Search capabilityThe most significant change you'll notice is the addition of the Advanced Search. Now, like in the desktop version of OnDemand5, users can dig deeper when the basic search comes up empty. Did you know that you can use AND and OR in the Advanced Search feature of OnDemand5 and OnDemand5.com? Users who spend any amount of time using Internet search engines will quickly appreciate this functionality. Learn more about maximizing your OnDemand5.com search efforts at search.asp.

We've improved the Basic Search too, so that you get more hits and have to use Advanced Search less frequently. Here's an example: in version 1.0, if you search for Brake Pads for a 1998 Ford Escort SE, you get no hits because the headline actually says Brake Caliper & Pads. In version 1.01, a hit is registered. These improvements will also be incorporated into OnDemand5 desktop version 5.1.

XP Support

Version 1.01 now supports Windows XP, an important enhancement considering that the customers who are excited to use OnDemand5.com are also the ones using the latest technology.

Premier Club Integration

visit Mitchell Premier ClubBy clicking the Premier Club link found in the upper right corner of every OnDemand5.com page, you can go directly to the Premier Club site. Even better, users who have already activated their Premier Club accounts will be taken directly to the Gold or Platinum benefits access page, depending on your membership status. And, since you're already logged into OnDemand5.com, you don't even have to enter a username and password.

PartsVoice Parts Locator

find out about the Parts Locator featureThe popular PartsVoice Parts Locator feature found in the desktop versions of OnDemand has now been incorporated into OnDemand5.com. Instead of using a dial-up system, OnDemand5.com users can check dealer inventories for OEM parts directly over the internet. Be sure you have entered the correct zip code and country in the user Setup area of the product. You can view Parts Locator help directly online at partsvoice.asp.

Improvements for Canadian Users

Additional OnDemand5.com improvements include two enhancements for Canadian users. First, maintenance intervals now include kilometers. Second, an exchange rate calculator has been added. Just click on Options from the Quote tab.


Of course, there are many more subtle changes that you may not notice but are there helping to improve the experience of OnDemand5.com customers. Thank you for your feedback and suggestions, both of which helped make this release a successful one.


This page, and all contents, are Copyright (c) Mitchell Repair Information Company, LLC. All Rights Reserved. By accessing and using Mitchell Repair's web sites, each user agrees that they have read and agreed to be bound by the Legal Notices governing Mitchell Repair Online. Our Privacy Policy. The Mitchell 1 name is used herein by permission from Mitchell International, which has no ownership interest in Mitchell 1.
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