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For nearly 100 years, Mitchell 1 has been the first choice of automotive professionals. We build our software better and we support it better.

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OnDemand Version 1.4 Software Enhancements

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Archived Enhancement Lists:
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It is with great pleasure that we announce the upcoming release of a number of new enhancements to OnDemand5.com.

Software Version 1.4 builds on the landmark functionality introduced in Versions 1.0 through 1.3. Topping the list of upgrades are CircuitSelect™ SVG Wiring Diagrams. A list of new and improved features is provided below:

CircuitSelect SVG Wiring Diagrams - OnDemand5's clear, crisp, industry-standard Scalable Vector Graphic Wiring Diagrams just got even better with the introduction of CircuitSelect, a quantum leap forward in providing users with the ability to quickly and accurately interpret sophisticated wiring.

Inline Graphics are now supported and are being incrementally applied in this and future releases. These graphics are displayed in the Repair Article and you may open the graphic by clicking on the thumbnail image.

VIN Decoding and How to Write An Estimate articles have been added to this help system. The links are included on the help home page. Just click on the VIN Decode link and find the desired model to display information on how to interpret VIN information. Information on How to Write An Estimate, Diagnostic Labor Times and Machine Operations is also included in this help system.

Transmission Overhaul and Color Oil Flow Diagrams are now included in the Repair Article information.

Thank you for your continued support.

The OnDemand5.com Development Team

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