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For nearly 100 years, Mitchell 1 has been the first choice of automotive professionals. We build our software better and we support it better.

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Enhanced Search Highlights Version 1.6 Release

Version 1.6 of OnDemand5.com builds upon the landmark features and performance enhancements introduced in Version 1.5.

  • Exact Search has been enabled for all diagnostic trouble codes. Now trouble codes are found more clearly via the search function.
    Also, searching for the number "0" now yields the same result as searching for the letter "o". So if you search a po123 instead of p0123, for example, you still find the correct results.
  • The "Noise List" of search terms has been reduced from 700 words to about 40. This improves the quality of searching by allowing for more possible search terms.
  • Training Videos and a Feature Tour have been included in the online help.

... and more

As with any software release, there are many more subtle changes that you may not notice but are there helping to improve the experience of OnDemand5.com customers. Thank you for your feedback and suggestions, both of which helped make this release a successful one.

Version 1.5 Enhancements

Monthly Data Updates, Performance Enhancements, Improved Search, and Canadian Pricing Top Version 1.5 Release

It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of significant new enhancements to OnDemand5.com


OnDemand5.com v.1.5 has been engineered to save you time in virtually every area of the program. Mitchell took a good look at how technicians use the product and we've targeted several areas for performance improvements.

  • Improved article and graphic loading so that your overall experience of accessing information will be quicker.
  • Changed data retrieval to further reduce load times for information and figures.
  • Moving between Repair, Estimator, TSB and Maintenance modules no longer experiences any delays
  • Improved the loading of Quote/TSB/Repair History for quicker access to previous information lookups.

To measure these performance improvements we ran a series of test scripts of the version 1.5 software against the version 1.4 bench mark. The scripts are designed to measure results of typical information lookups in OnDemand5.com

The results indicate a quantum improvement in virtually every area of program performance. Overall program performance of Version 1.5 is nearly twice as fast as the previous version of OnDemand5.com.*

* Methodology: All measurements are based on test scripts designed to simulate typical technician information lookups. Test times vary due to a variety of factors including time of day, Internet connection speed, PCs tested, and overall Internet speed. On the average we have measured the overall performance of version 1.5 to be nearly twice as fast as version 1.4. Although your results may vary, we are confident that you will "feel" the difference when you search for repair information, pull up articles, load graphics, and prepare quotes in your business.

Single-Search Option

We've combined the quick and full search functionality so you can now perform a single search of all headings and article text. See Search for complete details.

"Auto Complete" We also implemented Auto Complete on all searches so that previous searches are available for quicker access to common lookups. Refer to Search for complete details.

CircuitSelect™ Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) Figures

Our industry-standard CircuitSelect™ SVG Figures got even better in Version 1.5. We've enlarged the SVG printouts and improved panning in the diagrams, for a smoother viewing experience. We also added a convenient Word Find feature and, as with every other area of program performance, we improved the time it takes to load an SVG graphic.

Canadian Users

Visit the Parts Voice WebsiteFor Version 1.5, we have provided Canadian parts pricing using a database unique to Canadian markets. Canadian users also now have access to the PartsVoice™ Parts Locator feature, allowing you the ability to select parts in your quotes and then send a request, via the Internet, for a listing of dealers who have some, or all, of the parts in stock. We've also added the ability to add Canadian Province to the Company Information.

Premier Club

We have simplified access to Premier Club from OnDemand5.com and logging out of Premier Club no longer ends your OnDemand5.com session, requiring an additional login. We've also added shortcuts to older model information and TSBs from the Premier Club selection menu

User Passwords

Version 1.5 no longer requires that you change your password every six months. The program now reminds you to change your password at regular intervals but does not require that you do so. We've also added the ability to Change Password from within in the program any time you want.

Monthly Data Updates

Version 1.5 marks the introduction of monthly information updates. This means that you will get the latest repair information and TSBs every month, even in advance of the quarterly updates in the desktop version. We've added a scrolling list of article updates to the homepage and links to a complete summary from within the application so you can see how many new articles got added in the previous month.

... and more

As with any software release, there are many more subtle changes that you may not notice but are there helping to improve the experience of OnDemand5.com customers. Thank you for your feedback and suggestions, both of which helped make this release a successful one.

Archived Enhancement Lists: v.1.1 | v.1.2 | v.1.3 | v.1.4


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