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For nearly 100 years, Mitchell 1 has been the first choice of automotive professionals. We build our software better and we support it better.

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Enhanced Search Introduced in Version 2.0 Release

Version 2.0 marks the incorporation of advanced search technology into OnDemand5, resulting in a quantum leap in the ease and accuracy in which users are able to access the richest database of automotive repair and estimating information available. Specific features of the new OnDemand5 Search:

  • Better Indexing - Nobody indexes websites better than OnDemand5, which has revolutionized the way people use the Internet. OnDemand5 now leverages off of this superior technology to provide much quicker, accurate lookups of repair information.
  • Heuristics - Advanced algorithms have been employed to continuously improve the quality of your searches based upon the activity of the entire user base. The OnDemand5 Search gathers data from all user searches to move results up and down in the listings based on actual user searches. For example, if a majority of users searching for "transmission overhaul" for a specific vehicle click on a certain article, this article automatically moves to the top of the list. The end result is a search engine that gets exponentially "smarter" all the time.
  • Speed - Indexes are rebuilt on a nightly basis for tips and on a monthly basis for all of search and refined to provide a quantum improvement in the speed with which search requests are processed.
  • Data Collection - Over time an incredibly powerful database will be created of all users' search activity. This information is organized and analyzed to provide valuable data on what information users value most. This will allow Mitchell 1 to write better, more relevant, articles for your use. We'll be doing our job better and so will you.

Advanced Search Powered by Google Highlights Version 2.2 Release

Version 2.2 marks the further integration of Google's legendary search technology into OnDemand5, building on the new search features first introduced in v.2.0.

Specific features of the enhanced Google Search include:

  • A new advanced search link will take you to the advanced search options page. With Advanced Search, you can search only for pages that:
    • Contain ALL the search terms you type in or contain the exact phrase you type
    • Contain at least one of the words you type in
    • Eliminate returns that contain unwanted words

Additional enhancements have also been made in Maintenance. The Fluids link has been relocated and the 2nd level tabs for Normal and Severe services have been replaced by option buttons. A persistent connection has been created between checked maintenance items and the worksheet to accommodate services not linked to time or mileage.

For more details on the advanced search and other Version 2.2 enhancements please review the OnDemand5 v.2.2 release notes.

Category Google Search Highlights Version 2.3 Release

Version 2.3 marks the further refinement of Google's legendary search technology to meet the real world needs of automotive technicians. Based on user feedback and analysis of searching patterns, it was determined that the standard Google search was frequently returning too many results across too many categories. The search engine has been refined to optionally display search results sorted into OnDemand5.com's familiar categories.

Specific features of the enhanced Google Category Search include:

  • By default, OnDemand5.com displays categorized search results. This option may be turned off if you prefer the standard Google search.
  • By default, categories with no "hits" on a search query are not displayed. You may choose to display the empty categories if desired.

Additional enhancements have also been made in the presentation of categories and additional categories have been added:

  • A Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Category for DTC indexes has been added. These indexes will provide quick access to all of the ODBC codes for the selected vehicle. This feature is being incrementally applied to the most popular vehicles currently being serviced and coverage will grow as part of the regular monthly update process.
  • A Specification Category for quick access to popular spec. information has been added. These indexes will provide quick access to all of the specification data for the selected vehicle. These indexes will provide information on items including:
    • Axle Nut Torque
    • Brake Torque
    • Brake Bleeding Sequence
    • Drive Belt Routing
    • Engine Mechanical Torque
    • Fuel Pressure
    • Fuel Pressure
    • Firing Order
    • Cylinder Identification
    • Spark Plug Type, Gap, and Torque
    • ... and much more.

  • Wiring Diagrams have also been moved towards the top of the Category list to provide ready access to OnDemand5.com's proprietary CircuitSelect™ Scaleable Vector Wiring Diagrams.

  • Graphics Enhancements - Users with Internet Explorer v.7 or newer will experience a noticeable improvement in the quality of graphics. The graphics will be smoother and easier to read thanks to improvements in the browser coupled with a change in the way OnDemand5.com presents the graphic for rendering.

  • Program "hints" or "did you know" tips have been added to the Google search page. This series of useful program tips is randomly presented to help you learn some of the handy built-in features which you might not be aware of. Click here for a complete listing of these hints.

As with every other release, additional "behind the scenes" enhancements have been included as part of Mitchell 1's ongoing commitment to keeping OnDemand5.com the best service and repair information product available to today's technicians.



Archived Enhancement Lists: v.1.1 | v.1.2 | v.1.3 | v.1.4 | v.1.5 | v.1.6| v.1.7 | v.1.8

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