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For nearly 100 years, Mitchell 1 has been the first choice of automotive professionals. We build our software better and we support it better.

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Click for Video TrainingOnce you have selected a vehicle, choose the Estimator tab to begin estimating in OnDemand5.

Estimator Topics:>> figures | warranty time | combination time | skill level | additional time | searching | parts locator | How to Write An Estimate | Diagnostic Labor Times |Machine Operations

To select a part or labor item, click on it with your mouse pointer. A check mark displays next to the item and it is added to the worksheet, if displayed. To deselect an item, click on it again. As you add parts and labor, running totals are generated on your screen.

The Show/Hide Worksheet link allows you to toggle on/off the Worksheet (bottom panel). Depending on your selection of the Screen View icon, 3-4 panels appear in the display:

Panel Description
Category This is where you choose the Category of Parts and Labor information you want to work with. (Note: In OnDemand5, Parts and Labor are selected via the same navigation as Repair).
Labor Click on any labor item to select for inclusion in your estimate. You can click on it again to deselect.
Parts Click on any part to select for inclusion in your estimate. You can click on it again to deselect.
Worksheet This portion of the display includes the parts and labor components of the estimate.

Once your Estimate has been completed, you can choose Quote to add customer information and additional cost items and save for later use.



Numbered Estimator Figures help make part identifcation easier. For information on working with figures, refer to Figures.


Factory Warranty Time/Mitchell Labor Time

For some labor items, displayed next to the Labor Time is the factory warranty time. The factory warranty time is the amount of time that the factory authorizes for performing this job under warranty.

Note: the Factory Warranty Labor Time feature doesn't apply to all models and currently applies to more Domestic than Import Models.

The Mitchell labor time is usually higher than the factory warranty time. This is because the factory warranty time assumes you are servicing clean parts and using specialized OEM tools and training. The Mitchell labor time is based on independent labor audits in real-world conditions. The Mitchell labor time is the time that is added to your quotes, although you can manually change the time, if necessary - refer to Quotes for details.


Combination Time

For some labor items, a Combinations subheading appears in the labor panel. This indicates that the combination time is recommended for the labor item.

Combination time refers to the time possibly required for jobs performed with other operations. One example might be that while performing brake shoe replacement, you need to replace a leaking wheel cylinder as well. The Combination Time gives you the time required to replace the wheel cylinder with the shoes already removed.

You add combination items to your estimate the same way you add any other labor item; simply click on the item and it will be added to your Estimator Worksheet.


Skill Level

Labor items display the mechanical skill level for the procedure in the far right column under the heading "SL." Skill levels are classified as follows:

A = Highly Skilled
B = Skilled
C = Semi-Skilled
D = Low Skilled


Additional Time

For some labor items, an Additional Time subheading appears in the labor panel. This indicates that additional time is recommended for the labor item.

Additional time refers to labor time that should be added to your estimate to account for additional work that needs to be performed. Notice that the mechanic skill level is also indicated. Like the standard labor time titles, the factory warranty time (domestic vehicles only) is displayed along with the Mitchell labor time.
As an example of a situation where additional time should be charged, if other systems such as A/C, air pump, and power steering interfere when replacing an alternator, additional labor time should be charged.

The basic calculation is as follows:

Labor Time + Additional Labor Time + Combination Time = Total Labor Time
Total Labor Time x Your Labor Rate = Labor Estimate.

You add additional items to your estimate the same way you add any other labor item; simply click on the item and it will be added to your Estimator Worksheet.



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