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For nearly 100 years, Mitchell 1 has been the first choice of automotive professionals. We build our software better and we support it better.

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Searching for Estimator and Maintenance Information

Using: Logical Operators | Wild Cards | Auto Complete
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OnDemand5.com features a robust search capability that takes you right to the information you are looking for. Just type a word or phrase in the Search field, and pick from the articles that mention the word or phrase in a heading.

To initiate a word or phrase search:

1. After selecting a Vehicle and Estimator or Maintenance Module, type a word or phrase in the Search box and click on the Search button.

2. The word search returns a listing of Estimator/Maintenance information with an exact match of the search text in a heading or part or labor description.

3. Select the Category/Subcategory. You are taken to the part or labor description which includes the search text.

Logical Operators

In addition to searching all article text search OnDemand5 also supports the use of logical operators. This means that you can craft more complicated searches to either increase, or narrow down, the "hits" to your search criteria. The most important operators are "and" and "or". Examples of each are shown below.

The "And" Operator

Let's say for example, you want to find all the articles that mention the words brakes and fluids. A search on "brakes fluid" will not likely result in success as the two words will not likely appear as an exact phrase anywhere in the article text. You can remedy this situation using the "and" operator in your search. Just type "Brakes and Fluids" into the search box and you will get a listing of all articles containing both terms.


The "Or" Operator

Let's say for example, you want to find all the articles that mention the word "brakes" or the word "fluids". You could construct a Search using the logical operator "or." Just type "brakes or fluids" in the Search field to get a listing of articles containing either term.


The use of wildcards allows you to conduct a search when you are unsure of the exact spelling of a word.

"*" is the universal wildcard character. For example, the search term br* will return all words that start with "br" (brakes, bright, etc.), a search on "br*ke drum", for example, will return all articles with the term *brake drum* in it.

"?" is the single wildcard character. For example, the search term brake? will return all words that start with "brake" with one character after it (brakes, for example).

"Auto Complete"

OnDemand5.com utilizes Internet Explorer's "Auto Complete" feature providing a listing of previous search terms. Just start typing and if you see the term you are looking for in the drop-down list, click on the term you are looking for and it will be entered for you.

To turn off Auto Complete or adjust your settings in Internet Explorer, go to Tools/Internet Options and click the Content tab. Then click the Auto Complete button. The Forms check box is where you would enable/disable Auto Complete in OnDemand5.com. You can also clear your history, if desired.

To delete an item off the Auto Complete list, just roll your mouse pointer over it to highlight, and press the Delete key.

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