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For nearly 100 years, Mitchell 1 has been the first choice of automotive professionals. We build our software better and we support it better.

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OnDemand Live Frequently Asked Questions

How long after I post a tip is it available to other users?

Generally tips are available immediately after they are posted.

I posted a tip or reply but now I can’t find it. Where did it go?

There are various reasons for this.

  • You’re not looking in the right article or heading. Try looking for the article in the article history located on the Vehicle tab.
  • Your post was flagged by other users as inappropriate and suspended or deleted by the administrator.
  • Your post violated the Terms of Use of this product and has been suspended or deleted by the administrator.
  • Your post was in the wrong location and was moved by the administrator.
  • Your post was in an article or heading that no longer exists and has become orphaned. The administrator will try to relink these posts if they are still valid.

Why don’t I see tips in the articles or even the “Share a Tip” icons?

There are various reasons for this.

  • You may have the tip functionality turned off. Go to the Setup menu and select Configuration. You may see settings for OnDemand Live Tips. Make sure the “Tips Enabled” checkbox is selected.
  • If you don’t see the settings on the Configuration screen, your shop or company may have opted out of the tip program and do not want to participate. Opting out turns off all functionality and no tips will display in the product.

Who can see the tips or replies that I post?

Anyone who has the OnDemand Live tip functionality turned on.

What if I post a tip in the wrong location and want to move it?

Use the “Flag post for monitor review” function in the tip sheet and tell the monitor where the tip should have gone.

What if I forget to add my attachment before I post my tip?

You can reply to your initial post and add the attachment there.

I found an error in your data, should I post it in a tip?

You can post errors found in tips but it is best to contact our Content Support department to validate the error you found so we can correct the data itself.

Can I edit my tip once I’ve posted it?

At this time, users are not able to edit their submissions after they’ve been posted. If you need to clarify something in your original tip, reply to it and add the information.

Can I delete a post I’ve entered?

No, only the administrator can delete posts from the system. If you need to have a post deleted, you can use the “Flag post for monitor review” function in the tip sheet to send the administrator a request to delete. The administrator will send a confirmation e-mail to your registered e-mail address to make sure you are requesting to delete your own post. You cannot request to delete someone else’s post.

If I change jobs to another shop, can I take my profile with me?

No, all profile names are unique and cannot be reused on other accounts. You will need to select a new profile name at your new shop. You may want to delete your old profile before you leave your current shop.

What should I do if someone harasses me in the tip system?

Flag any offending post for monitor review.

I tried to post with an attachment and got an error message that the file might be infected. What do I do?

Mitchell 1 maintains current virus profiles on our system to prevent anyone from uploading virus infected files. Check your own virus software to make sure the file is not infected.

Can I spell check my post before submitting it?

Yes, on the toolbar directly above the box where you enter your tip text are several formatting buttons. On the far right is the spell check button.

Why do links I type in posts not always work?

When you are typing in a link, you must type in the “http://” and/or “www” part and at the end of it you must hit enter or put a space. This signals the software to transform it into an actual link. Links with spaces, special characters or ones that have a question mark at the end may not always work.



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